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Jinan Sindisary Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd,It mainly produces cutting plotter, automatic edge inspection cutting plotter, CCD camera cutting plotter, desktop cutting plotter, laser engraving machine, wood and stone carving machine, etc.
Hong Kong series HK-YD series HK-KP series HK-LASER series under Haoke brand.
Our philosophy laser cutting plotter

Enterprises adhere to scientific and technological innovation, management innovation and cultural innovation, expand the development space of enterprises in innovation, enrich the innovative products of enterprises, enhance the brand image of enterprises, and strive for advanced and first-class on the road of enterprise innovation.
Safety and high quality

In the past 12 years, we insist on innovating the function of engraving machine, improving the precision, constantly looking for the direction from customer feedback, and the quality is consistent. From the mold to the material processing, we never see 176 processes of finished product assembly and 68 quality control points
Professional design team

We have professional top designers and we are constantly changing
Innovation to surpass makes our products better, more convenient and safer, because your choice makes us more dynamic
After sale

Professional and considerate after-sales team, let you after-sale worry free us
With the development of safety and environmental protection, we will create the supreme modern life intimate service and strong after-sales team support for you

In 10 years, we have adhered to the precision manufacturing quality of numerical control equipment, with tens of thousands of repetitions and consistent quality. From mold to material processing, we never see finished product assembly, 176 processes and 68 quality control points. We have professional top designers, we constantly change and innovate to surpass, so that our products are better used, more convenient and safer, because your choice makes us more dynamic! It is recognized and supported by foreign friends.
Senior cutting plotter Engineer / Vice President of the company

Engaged in 15 years, specializing in the R & D and production of engraving machine and laser engraving machine. To solve the problem of the offset of the engraving machine, and to provide solutions to the uneven cutting of the laser engraving machine. At present, professional design of engraving machine structure, to provide effective and reasonable production plan.
Seiko's quality service to customers!
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